Sunday, April 4, 2021

Do Not Cave Into Secularism’s Pseudoscientific Demands! part 2

How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal, follow him.” (1 Kings 18:21)

              Although I am a committed Christian, please notice that I am not imposing Christian values onto Leftists; but employing the very standards that they both champion themselves, and demand of their opponents.  Even though one of Joe Biden’s best-known slogans is, “Follow the science, man!”  his administration contradicts that aim by not merely ignoring the intellectually-required investigation, but also censoring all qualified opponents.[1]  Further, they even demand assent from the average citizen that every Leftist lie is true (Isaiah ch. 5), often under threat of severe penalty.  For example in public schools, teachers, staff, and students are all obligated to address transgender claimants according to the gender reference of the latter’s choice.  One official document indeed states that “Schools can’t force a transgender student to use facilities that don’t match their gender identity,”[2]  Yet by so saying, they are forcing every other student to face that very experiences that they decry for themselves.  Further, they employ brainwashing by forcing students to affirm as true what they know to be false.  How ironic it is then that secularists are offended by voluntary religious teaching even if it cannot be proven to be false while they insist on forcing secularist teaching which can be proven to violate scientific facts.     


The denial of truth is not a “victimless crime.”  Both Christianity and every other belief system have the very same stake with respect to whether or not truth is honored.  In every case, in the absence of truth, it is impossible to persuade others of their credibility of any position.  Indeed there is no other measuring stick of any kind that can effectively discern what is valid in any possible context.  The whole-sale suppression or distortion of truth can only then benefit the tyrants who impose their agendas; but never the “masses” who are instead forced to endure the messes brought about by the former.


What then about the Judeo-Christian belief system?  It is on the one hand popularly held that religious faith is the antithesis (opposite) of credible scientific discoveries that can be measured.  Yet that prejudicial view is easily rebutted.[3]  The reality that the Bible embraces the concept of truth according to the classical definition can be established by five prongs.  Firstly, Scripture employs the terms “truth,” “deceit,” “truly,” “truly, truly,” “false” and its cognates, “testimony,” and “witness” just short of a thousand times (984X), fairly evenly across both Testaments.[4]  Apart from miracle claims and disputes over literal/figurative interpretations, no defiance of logic is to be found.  Secondly, the char-acter of God is univocally described as both the very embodiment of rational truth, and the instiller of rationality[5] and consequently, truth.[6]  Thirdly, Romans 1:18-21 declares it wickedness to suppress the witness of nature (in this case, specifically as it indicates the existence of a Creator—Psalm 19:1).  Indeed, the Bible, as a matter of principle, takes our obedience to factual truth and rational thinking very seriously.  Fourthly, Jesus equally calls us to draw conclusions from the facts of both history and nature (Matthew 11:2-6, John 3:12; 14:11; and 18:37).  Fifthly, the Bible in actual practice appeals to the fact of coherence between biblical pronouncements and the phenomena that they describe.[7]


 The Bible discourages irrational mysticism by warning that it is unbelief that leads to chaos (Rom. 1:18f).

[1] See my blog posting, “Mark Zuckerberg has Neither Competence, Nor Standing, to Censor Anything,” (01/18/2021) at Op.cit (10).


[3] Philosopher of Science professor, Dr. John C. Lennox  argues that there are aspects of absolutely vital knowledge that scientists cannot possibly answer concerning existence itself, mathematical correspondence to physical laws, purpose, morality, etc.  He further employs his “Aunt Matilda’s Cake” analogy  which argues that the fact that she loves baking equally accounts for the presence of a cake on the table as does a good recipe. See God’s Undertaker. (Lion, 2009), pp.207,8. ** See also my paper, “Scientism is Not Science,” at Op.cit. (11).

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[7] See my paper, “The Pervasive Employment of Apologetics in the Bible” at Op.cit. (11).

Friday, April 2, 2021

Do Not Cave into Secularism’s Pseudo-Scientific Demands! Part 1

How long will you go limping between two different opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal, follow him.” (1 Kings 18:21)


               As the Prophet Isaiah (59:14) decried[1] some 2,600 years ago, our society today is witnessing an accelerating disintegration of truth both as a concept, and as an essential standard that everyone is morally compelled to keep.  Our nation neither began, nor can it be expected to further itself,[2] by deny-ing the obligation to obey truth under its classical definition.  This view, the “Correspondence Theory of Truth,” defines that term simply, as “whatever corresponds to reality.”[3]  A more technical description states that, “a belief is true if there exists an appropriate entity – a fact – to which it corresponds.  If there is no such entity, the belief is false.”[4]  Although the renowned philosopher Aristotle is rightly credited with clarifying and categorizing the rules of logic,[5] he did not invent them.  Even though the Bible doesn’t mimic his analytic treatment of logic, it never once defies or even denies the principles of logic.  Indeed this posture should be expected universally since logic, by definition, pertains to reality as opposed to fantasy.  The point then is that societies cannot possibly function effectively in defiance of logic.[6]  Nevertheless, overthrowing truth (as a guiding and binding principle) is the unfolding goal of the people who are currently usurping governmental authority away from the general population.


               The most glaring examples of Leftist repudiation of empirical[7] truth in society today include,   (1) in utter contradiction to scientific methodology, social and news media outlets[8] have taken it upon themselves to censor every position which intellectually challenges Leftist views,[9] (2) along similar lines Democrat Party spokespersons refuse to face and engage with conservative challengers on the public stage,[10] (3) the certitude of Leftist denial that human sexuality is binary,[11] (4) Leftist rejection of the autonomy of the human fetus inside its mother’s womb,[12] (5) Leftist insistence that the oceans began rising both at the time of, and because of, the industrial revolution,[13] (6) their denial of causal connections between the destructive riots of the Summer of 2020, and Democrat Party leadership,[14] (7) their insistence that Donald Trump instigated the “riot” at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021,[15] (8) and their insistence that the recent Presidential election followed due diligence.[16]  For the sake of full disclosure, in regard to the final three points I have been urged to not rekindle such sore wounds which are  based on a personality despised by so many, including certain self-described Christians.  However, the chronic disconnect between provable facts on the one hand, and prejudicial[17] subjective feelings on the other, commits the ad hominem fallacy[18].  In addition it should be stressed that the footnotes which reference   all eight of these points unfailingly establish that they are either demonstrably illegitimate, or false.

To be continued...

[1]Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away; for truth is fallen in the public squares” (boldface mine). Notice here firstly that the common slogan, No Truth: No Justice (together with its premise) was anticipated 2,600 years ago by the prophet Isaiah. 

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[7] This paper highlights the distinction between empirical facts (which are testable against measurable phenomena) and connective rational arguments that are scrutinized by the principles of logic.  Flawed arguments often begin with a factually-faulty premise.

[8] These include “Alphabet News Outlets together with Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and even You Tube, etc. 

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[17] The term “prejudicial” means to make a judgment in the absence (often willful) of relevant evidence to the contrary.

[18] This term means an argument against the perceived character of a person as opposed to his/her conduct that is relevant to the question.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Infinite Gap Between Rationalism and Rationality


               It is especially common in academia that the words “reason” and “religion” are held to be opposites that consequently cannot be conceptually harmonized.  Yet assessing the truth of that charge rests entirely on the specific religion under consideration.  The na├»ve common  suggestion that all religions are the same is obviously false, as a survey of any text on world religions will clarify.  Judeo-Christian theology (JCT) for example stands apart from religions that have arisen out of Asia because of the subject-object distinction it makes between our-selves on the one hand and the other people and things around us.  JCT also holds to both moral distinctions between right and wrong and conceptual distinctions between the creator and the creature, the self-existent and the dependent, and the eternal and the temporal.  These categories are all related to each other in that they are all grounded on the conviction that God is the creator of absolutely everything while we by contrast are His created beings (Psalm 100:3).  This then places us in the second half of each of the three above couplets.  For these same reasons, JCT demonstrably affirms rationality as a valid mode of thinking in general.[1]


            The noun “rationality” describes one aspect of our human capacity to employ logic and reason in our perception of external reality.  Rationalism,” on the other hand, describes not so much our possession of reason, but rather our relationship to reason specifically as a master/ servant relationship.  Whenever the suffix “ism” is attached to any word, its root is reoriented into an over-arching ideological world-view.  For example, communism means more than just that the adherent happens to live in a commune; but instead that society as a whole must be shaped into one all-reaching commune.  Back then, to the concept of rationalism, that term holds that autonomous human reason, that is, apart from revealed religion, is entirely sufficient to think of and correctly assess, not merely scientific problems, but also the biggest challenges of life.  Philosopher David Hume, for example, notoriously concluded his treatise, Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding with the following directive, “If we take in our hand any volume; of divinity or school metaphysics, for instance; let us ask, Does it contain any abstract reasoning concerning quantity or number? No. Does it contain any experimental reasoning concerning matter of fact and existence? No. Commit it then to the flames: for it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.[2]  Yet notice that renowned 20th Century Philosopher of Science, Karl Popper commented, “Thus Hume…condemned his own Enquiry on its last page…[3]


            Rationality therefore consists not just of scientific facts, but also of correctly ordering that data into meaningful and effective principles.  JCT however doesn’t settle for a natural order that is merely accidently meaningful and intelligible.  It insists that those terms apply to nature precisely because its Creator is Himself purposeful, intelligible, and the very source of rationality (John 1:1).  Although Scripture decries the intellectually-disintegrative effects of sin on humanity (Romans 1:18-32); by virtue of being made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26), the liberating gift of rationality brings us blessing if, but only if, we live a faith relationship with His Son Jesus Christ (John 8:58).  Yet to defy that purpose is to commit the idolatry of rationalism.     

[1] While Aristotle is rightly praised for clarifying and categorizing principles of logic, no indications in Scripture exist which defy these rules.

[3] The Logic of Scientific Discovery. (Harper & Row, 1968), note. 3, p. 35.

The One Advantage Leftists Cannot Possibly Possess

                   It is common for conservatives to bewail the wholesale systemic censorship of their views by Leftist media outlets including the “alphabet” news networks, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and additional influential propagandistic voices.  Nevertheless, there is one thing that Leftism can never accomplish, which is to garner genuine trust in its message by people who are committed to thinking critically.  One core aspect of Leftist propagandization is indeed censorship which excludes from consideration certain views and supportive data that are decreed, for unsubstantiated reasons, to be faulty.  Censorship, by definition, consequently contradicts scientific inquiry in any and every context, the latter of which demands consideration of every relevant hypothesis and consequential bit of data in the determination to arrive at resolutions for a given challenge.  It is for this very reason that Leftism can never tolerate the exposure of its views to honest analysis and substantive scrutiny.  This is also why President Joe Biden, V.P. Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, to name a few, virtually never expose their views and assertions to live public engagement with their colleagues who hold opposing points of view. 

            Since it is Leftists who parade themselves and the Democrat Party as a whole as “champions of science,” it would be extremely fruitful to the health and security of our nation’s future for conservatives to relentlessly highlight their moral cowardice and intellectual nakedness, and demand repentance of their glaring hypocrisy.  In other words, instead of fixating on the deprivation that Leftism seeks to impose, conservatives should wake up to the opportunity to use the voice that we do have to the end of exposing the Leftist agenda as fraudulent to the core.  No advantage that the Left is manipulating will ever successfully remedy the reality that their platform is based on lies which, not only confounds conservatism, but also threaten the security of every single member of society.  The big question though, is why conservatives resist seizing this opportunity.    

Thursday, February 25, 2021

My Letter to the House RE the "Equality Act"


If you approve of the “Equality Act” House Bill that alleges to affirm the rights of the LGBTQ Community, you are NOT ensuring the rights of all people, but instead merely replacing the freedoms and protections of all Americans which are specified in the First Amendment with the so-called rights of the LGBTQ community.  Indeed you are both trampling on the rights of children and young people especially, to have their modesty protected in restrooms and showers, and depriving parents of their rightful role of ensuring the protection of their children.  Furthermore the quotation from Feldblum that, “…in almost all cases the sexual liberty should win because that’s the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner,” is utterly unimpressive, coming from an adult.  It is intellectually inexcusable that any adult, especially a “professional,” cannot conceive of a measure that protects every citizen in America.  Therefore vote “no” on the “Equality Act” House Bill. 

See also my posting for January 29th, below. 

Monday, February 15, 2021

The Takeaway From Leftist's Propensity to Take Away the Right’s Voice

             The answer is that Leftist’s are intellectual cowards.  Since I don’t intend to reinvent the wheel, I won’t take the time to restate what the previous posts in my blogsite already address on this matter.  I encourage you to look through my other articles going back as far as Mother’s Day weekend of 2020 especially.  There simply cannot be any excuse for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Bill Gates, the “Alphabet” broadcast networks, and so-called university[1] institutions to suppress opposing points of view or inconvenient facts.  Their fortunes in financial wealthy simply cannot hide their impoverished “intellects” and the propaganda they spew.  They at least have the minimal level of comprehension to grasp that their views cannot withstand rational scrutiny.  For that reason they censor opposing points of view out of fear of getting caught with their pants down.  That, I repeat, exposes Leftists as cowards.

[1] The word “university” combines the two concepts of “unity” and “diversity” as an indication that such academic institutions OUGHT TO have as their goal to seek reconciliation (unity) with respect to both differing fields of study and opposing points of view (diversity).  

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Are God’s Purpose Deterred by Political Affairs on Earth?

 And I will make of you a great name…And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” (Genesis 12:2,3) 

               The reality that God gave Israel, and only Israel, land has been a source of covetousness by rival peoples and nations down through time.  Yet such jealousy has been based on a profound misunderstanding of the point of God’s gift of land.  The geographical entity of the territory of Israel was NOT for vacation purposes!  Far from it.  Accompanying that real estate-deed came both enormous responsibility and consternation.  God’s purpose for the Israelites for the world was that they would act as His mouth-piece for the surrounding nations and it was for that reason that He placed them at the crossroads between the three major continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe.  God’s reasoning for this location is quite apparent to anyone looking at a globe of planet Earth.  The populace of civilizations are, in general, never content to stay put.  Major trade routes between nations stretched all the way from Egypt to both Assyria in the northeast and Europe to the northwest.  This ensured that Israel would never be either isolated or unnoticed.  Its very location made it extremely valuable to the neighboring  civilizations just named.  Renowned New Testament scholar N.T. Wright described Israel’s circumstances as follows:

Every forty years out of the last four thousand on average, an army has rushed through [Israel] , whether to conquer it, to rescue it from someone else, to use it as a neutral battleground on which to fight another army, or to take advantage of it as a neutral route for getting some-where else to fight there instead.[1]

It is really vital for you to understand that there were numerous crises in Israel’s history.  But in the Bible two catastrophes stand out as being the most fundamental of all.  The first occurred around 587 BC when King Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian army destroyed the first Temple in Jerusalem and took Israel as captives to the city of Babylon for seventy years.  The second happened in 70 AD when the Roman army under General Titus utterly destroyed the third temple, its foundation, and its surroundings which led to the complete end of the Jewish sacrificial system once and for all.  The gold that melted in the destruction was officially collected by the army to fund the Roman Colosseum.  Yet even though in both cases these events were predicted to end Israel’s belief in God, they did not. 

As for the first of the two events, they instead realized that God had promised the first Temple’s demise if the Israelites did not repent of their disobedience.  And in fact they turned from their former idolatry once and for all.  Not only that, after their release from Babylon, Israelites move to many other places in the ancient world as a further means to bear witness to the true and living God.  And as for the second of the two, the destruction of the third Temple (built by Herod the Great), it occurred only after the death and resurrection of Jesus.  The point is, since Jesus dealt with the sins of the world once and for all at Golgotha (Romans 6:10), the Temple was no longer necessary to atone for our sins.  Indeed, it is also the case that the train of persecutions which followed for several centuries under an oppressive  Roman government led ultimately to its own destruction while the Christian Church grew and grew in numbers, clearly because of God’s ongoing oversight. 

I do not expect that these truths will remove our every anxiety about the present times in our nation.  But I pray that you will be encouraged by the presence of God in the words of Psalms 2 and 46.

[1] The New Testament and the People of God. (Fortress, 1992), p. 3.